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Weekend Meme, Bay Ridge Volvo
That Weekend Face!

Finally ready for the weekend? You deserve it. Treat yourself, why not go to some fun coffee shops with friends or head out to the beach on a sunny Saturday? Whatever you end up doing, we hope your weekend is amazing!…

Hump Day Treats!

The best kind of news is often food related. So why don’t you check out this great hump day treat at the local cupcake shop, Little Cupcake Bakeshop. Now this bakery isn’t just in the news for no reason, they recently reinvented the Good Humor strawberry shortcake bar into a…

Garden, Bay Ridge Volvo
Where to go on a Tank of Gas in Your Volvo

Where should you go next with a tank of gas in your new Volvo? If you feel like escaping the roar of the city, why not go to the Narrows Botanical Garden?  Whether it’s just walking around and enjoying the scenery or attending one of their many events like movie…

Best Friends, Bay Ridge Volvo
Today is Best Friend’s Day!

With Best Friend’s Day coming up fast, it’s time to put your friends to the test with this cute quiz from Buzzfeed to see how well you really know each other, after all it’s all in good fun. So take some time, grab your BFF and challenge each other to…

Hot Dogs, Coney Island
Feltman’s is Back!

Feltman’s of Coney Island is back! The hot dog hotspot has reopened back at Coney Isalnd after opening all the way back in 1867. Apparently, this is the same spot where the hot dog was actually invented so there’s a lot history to this little hot dog shop. Maybe take…

Just Like That!

Aren’t Monday’s just always the hardest? Try to take it with a grain of salt and take time to look at some fun pictures guaranteed to make you laugh and get you through your Monday.…

Donut Day, Bay Ridge Volvo
Happy National Donut Day

It’s National Donut Day! What would life be without these amazing sweet treats? If you’re in the mood to celebrate this amazing holiday, maybe check out Darn Donuts right here in Bay Ridge. They have everything from cheesecake donuts to the classic jelly. They even have a donut, Under the…