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December 3rd is Make a Gift Day

What better way to show someone your appreciation this holiday season, by ditching the mall and hitting the supply store for some amazing DIY action. Below we have placed an amazing a description for Make a Gift Day (which is today) from

Take out the glitter, the yarn and your glue gun because it is Make A Gift Day.

Sewing And Knitting Accessories. Fabric, Yarn Balls On Wooden Table. Copy Space

The unofficial holiday is annually celebrated on December 3. It encourages people to lovingly hand craft gifts for all their loved ones.

The holidays are just around the corner. And if you are panicking about all the gifts you still have to buy and worrying about how your wallet is feeling lighter by the day, then Make a Gift Day is the unofficial holiday for you!

Show Your Love

Gifts are a way for people to show love and concern for the recipients. They may also be presented as a token of respect or as a sign of forgiveness. In many cultures, gifts are given out during festivals, weddings and other major life events like birthdays, retirements and housewarmings.

How to Celebrate

  • This is an easy one! Make handmade gifts for everyone this holiday season! They will appreciate all the hard work you have put in it. Plus your wallet will thank you come January.
  • Host a gift making party. Gather around your arts and crafts supplies and get together with your friends to DIY some gifts.
  • Don’t have a DIY skill? This is the day to pick up a hobby so that you can start making handmade gifts for your family and friends in the New Year.

Did You Know…

…that in China, gifts wrapped in red paper are considered to bring luck to the recipient?


Wow, looks like you’ll be saving some money this year. What hand-made gift idea do you have in mind? Comment them so we know.